Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ford, Focus, and the other F-word

I'm just a girl who really knows nothing about cars other than they get me from A to B.

Seriously, I've been driving the same Dodge Dakota since 2002 when Oz was born and I had to "trade up" from my badass Honda Civic hatchback that I bought brand spankin' new when I worked at The Kelowna Daily Courier. I loved that little car so going from a feisty little Civic to a bulky truck was UGH. So blah!

But I grew to love my truck and have truly tortured it in ways only a mom could torture her vehicle.

And then... HAZZAH!! Like a gift from the Ford Gods, I was given the gift of product testing!! First, I got the spanky Lincoln MKX that had more gadgets than I could figure out in one week and was more luxurious than I imagined any vehicle had a right to be.

Seriously. It had air-conditioned seats.

Last month I was given the 2012 Ford Focus which brought me right back to my Honda Civic days, only the Focus was whole lotta balls packed into one tiny little vehicle. I zipped around in this gas-lovin', spunky little car and longed for the days when I didn't have to worry about booster seats or a growing tween boy who complained about no leg room when he sat in the back.

Granted, the Focus is not built for families but it made me day dream about getting rid of my gas-guzzler Dakota and shipping the kids off to boarding school.

I drove it until I ran out of gas. I wish I were kidding. Who knew that when the gas gauge reads "0 KM until empty" it really MEANS that?? I don't have fancy gadgets in my truck.

Oh and my Dakota doesn't park itself either. The Focus TOTALLY does although I was way to chicken to try it out. It made me feel like Knight Rider and let's face it, I'm not that cool.

So after begging to keep the Focus and being flat out denied (thanks a lot for NOTHING, Dean), I was offered the 2012 Ford Explorer Eco-Boost.

I co-ordinated that little bad boy the same weekend I was invited to the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge for the New Year, New You event. Let's just say I made it from Edmonton to the JPL in 3 hours. Maybe a little less.

And let's just say that Eco-Boost cost me $120 in goddamn speeding fines.

I gotta blame the Eco-Boost for that not my lead foot. But hey! At least it was good for the environment!!

And for the record. the Explorer  is the perfect sized vehicle for a tween who is growing quicker than my empty wine bottle collection.

So Explorer vs. Focus... If I were kidless, Focus. Hands down. I like the way it handled, I like the pep, I like the price and I love the pimped out features. And it PARKED so damn easily!!

But the Explorer was a sweeter ride on the highway, especially for a trip to Jasper.

I want them both. Pretty please Ford Canada :D


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